Cablenet offers a variety of television services.

Cableview: Available directly to your TV set without the use of any additional equipment. The service offers the ability to simultaneously watch different channels on multiple TV sets. The service can be further distributed depending on available internal distribution within the premise.


Cableview is included in all retail cable packages.


Cableview+: With the addition of a Set Top Box (decoder) or a decoding card (Cablenet CI+ Card), cableview+ is available. This service offers internationally acclaimed channels, Electronic Program Guide and incredible sound. This service comes with the capability of adding additional TV channels with the addition of necessary decoding equipment. Additional decoders or decoding cards can be added depending on the internal distribution within the premise.

Cableview+ is offered as a cableview upgrade.

Is included in the packages cable/view+, cable/talk+view+, cable/family+ 45M and cable/nitro HD 100M.


Cableview HD: Cablenet is able to provide the best quality technologically in its improved cableview HD service. Cableview HD offers up to 5 times sharper picture and more vibrant colors.

Cableview HD is available as an upgrade to cableview+.

Is included in cable/nitro HD 100M package.



- Regardless of the TV service subscribed to, the subscriber can receive the signal of Terrestrial Digital TV (Velister and RIK), provided that the television set has the appropriate TV standards (MPEG-4) or the use of decoder is needed to receive these channels. No additional amount is charged for receiving these channels.