cablenet TV GO app

Cablenet TV GO App

Enjoy your favourite TV shows on the go!

With the new app, wherever you might be, you can easily enjoy over 60 channels, use Replay TV to watch your favourite TV programme whenever you want, or even use Record TV to record it.

New viewing experience!

The Cablenet TV GO App’s capabilities enable you to enjoy a new viewing experience!

With over 60 channels, you can watch your favourite TV programme, pause, stop and continue watching live programming, and see which programme is Popular at that specific time, according to the audience, as well as see channels’ weekly schedule at any time.

See the list of channels here.

cablenet tv go app
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Replay TV

Watch your favourite programme whenever you want to!

Replay TV enables you to watch your favourite programme up to 7 days after the first screening.

See the list of channels with Replay TV functionality here.

Record TV

Now you can record your favourite programme and watch it as many times as you want to!

Record TV enables you to record a programme you would like to watch later. You can also set the recording in advance.

See the list of channels with Record TV functionality here.

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Cablenet TV GO App

Now TV is in your hands.

Download the app now and experience the unique features offered by the Cablenet TV GO App.


  1. The Cablenet TV GO app is offered to TV Service Subscribers who have chosen the Variety TV, Variety Xtra TV or Complete TV bundle.
  2. Use of the Cablenet TV GO app is restricted regarding the number of registered devices and simultaneous sessions per account. The number of devices and simultaneous sessions depends on the Subscriber’s chosen TV bundle.