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Corporate Strategy

Cablenet’s vision is to create a loyal customer following by delivering on its core promises that rest on a bedrock of trust. Cablenet is dedicated to ensuring a long-term and sustainable operation through sound leadership and effective governance.

At Cablenet, we believe that great business is based on trust and valued relationships. We therefore put all our efforts into nurturing and strengthening our relationship with our customers, our employees, and our stakeholders. In doing so, we are best positioned to continuously grow our subscriber base and our revenues, and in turn generate greater returns for our shareholders.

Our customers are at the epicentre of everything we do at Cablenet. Our advanced and ever evolving fixed and mobile networks, and diligent focus on operational efficiency, allows us to honour the commitment of providing a superior value for money proposition and an exceptional customer experience. These strategic objectives are achieved by operating our privately-owned networks that afford us the margin efficiencies, and by focusing our relentless attention to solving and reducing customer pain points.

Our innovation culture ensures we remain well differentiated in our market. Our ambitious investment programme and continuous geographical expansion will remain a key driver for future growth. Our innovative and high-quality mobile network through a RAN sharing model will provide a winning combination. This is a combination of an array of Fixed and Mobile connectivity services to both the retail and business segments. We remain firmly committed to providing the best connectivity experience on the Island, with all the freedom, simplicity and peace of mind that customers deserve.

Lastly, our human resources remain our biggest and most prized asset. Our passion for being an employer of choice will ensure continued investment and dedication to strengthening the team and its skill set. Cablenet aims to foster a meritocratic culture, where efforts are rewarded, talent is developed and loyalty is acknowledged. Top talent and a motivated human asset will remain a key differentiating factor for achieving our long-term strategic goals.

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