We have upgraded upload speeds so that our Subscribers can work from home more effectively.

In the context of Cablenet’s perennial policy to provide its Subscribers with the best broadband connection products at their best possible value, we have proceeded in the significant upgrading of our services’ upload speeds ENTIRELY FREE.

In the context of our social responsibility during the current volatile situation due to the coronavirus and in active support of calls to stay at home, we have proceeded in the IMMEDIATE upgrading of upload speeds so that our Subscribers are able to work from home more effectively, whether for the seamless continuation of their business activities or for better information and entertainment.

Consequently, the services and packages below are upgraded as follows:

ServiceCurrent Internet Speed
Upgraded Internet Speed
fiberpower® 60M60M/5M60M/6M
fiberpower® 120M120M/6M120M/12M
fiberpower® 180M180M/8M180M/18M
Connect Xtra 60M60M/5M60M/6M
Connect Sports 60M60M/5M60M/6M
Connect Sports 120M120M/6M120M/12M


We ask that Subscribers to the above services restart their modem in order to automatically upgrade their service’s upload speed.

For any further information, please contact the Customer Call Center on 130.