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Usage Policy

In order to ensure, maintain and protect the high quality of services that Cablenet provides to its customers, maintains a Fair Usage Policy, based on the preexisting term 4.10 of the General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services, for all its Services and offers which involve unlimited use, as well as in any other situation where this is deemed necessary.


The Fair Usage Policy (where applicable) concerns the permitted levels of use in effect for Services provided by the Company. By applying the Fair Usage Policy, prohibited practices are limited and/or deterred for Subscribers who either resell the Company’s Services intended for personal use or permit their communal use with the intent for profit and/or the use of Services in such a way as to create issues or obstacles to the offering of Services, including the level of service quality, provided to other Cablenet Subscribers.


In instances concerning unlimited voice calls, video calls, sending of SMS messages, data and internet services or the transfer of data to and from the internet (downloading/uploading), Cablenet reserves the right, after informing the Subscriber, to reduce browsing speed and/or limit access and/or impose additional charges and/or transfer the Subscriber to another Service and/or temporarily suspend the Service and/or terminate the Service without further notice.


PURPLE mobile Packages, which include unlimited local minutes and/or local SMS and/or Data, are offered solely for interpersonal communication and only for private or personal use of the Service. Under no circumstances is their use permitted for profit or service resale. Interpersonal communication is defined as human-to-human communication via telephone or the manual sending of SMS messages. Consequently, unlimited use is prohibited for multiple and simultaneous calls, conference calls, call centre services, telemarketing or teleshopping, mass (bulk) messaging, application/system-to-human communication, continuous call forwarding, automatic redial, machine-to-machine communication or any other use deemed incorrect. In instances where any of these terms are violated, Cablenet reserves the right, following relevant notification of the Subscriber, to implement the actions mentioned in the Fair Usage Policy.


In instances where the Subscriber disagrees regarding the manner of use, whether concerning the number of minutes or messages or data volume, the information recorded by Cablenet’s systems will be binding.

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