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Complaints handling procedure

Our priority is the service we provide to our customers.

Your opinion is extremely important to us. We welcome any feedback, all of which is taken into consideration for the continuous improvement of our customer experience and services.

Our complaints handling team is at your disposal to swiftly and efficiently resolve any issue that may arise and to provide you with all the appropriate information.

Our goal is to solve any complaints our subscribers may have, in the most effective way. For the effective handling of suggestions and complaints we follow the Suggestions/Complaints Handling Procedure, as it is mentioned below.

Suggestions/Complaints Submission

Please provide us with a detailed description of the issue, including all the necessary information, for the most optimal and efficient handling of your suggestion or complaint.

It is crucially important to inform us regarding any fault or complaint you are facing with our services. The information should include: your name, your email address, your subscription or account number, the subject of the complaint and a brief description of the issue you are facing. We would like to stress that if the subscription is not under your name, you may be asked to prove that you have the authorization of the owner of the subscription in order to contact us on their behalf.

If the submission is done through our website, you will also need to choose the category of the issue (complaint or suggestion/feedback).

Complaints Submission Methods

The methods in which you can report an issue of submit a complaint are the following:


  • By sending a letter in the following address:

Cablenet Communication Systems PLC
41-49 Ay. Nicolaou Street, Nimeli Court, Block A, 2rd Floor
Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus


  • By sending a fax to the number +357 22250178

Message through our company website: By filling out the complaints submission form in the following link: Contact Us

Written Complaint Form: By filling out written complaint form at our Customer Support Centers. The addresses and working hours of our Customer Support Centers can be found in the following link: Store Locations

Suggestion Submission Methods

In order to submit your suggestions please use one of the aforementioned methods or by Telephone:

To our Customer Support Contact Center “130” or +357 22255130 (from abroad)

Working hours:

  • Call Center

08:00 – 22:00 (Monday – Friday)

09:00 – 18:00 (Saturday)

  • Technical Support

08:00 – 22:00 (Monday – Friday)

09:00 – 21:00 (Saturday – Sunday)

Acknowledgement of Receipt

As soon as we receive your complaint or suggestion through our company website, you will receive an automatic reply acknowledging the receipt of your communication with us.

In the case of a letter or a written complaint form, you will receive confirmation through telephone by our complaints handling team.

Complaint Response Procedure

Following the receipt of your complaint/suggestion we may possibly contact you to gather further information. If the issue does not require further information you will receive our reply directly.

Our goal is to always provide you with specific information regarding the issue you are facing. Our wish is to immediately resolve any claim in a way that will satisfy you completely, but always along the lines of our company’s rules and procedures.

We will strive to resolve the matter before or during first contact. If the issue requires further action of a technical nature or if the issue is such that cannot be resolved during first contact, we will keep you updated on the progress until the issue is fully resolved.

In general, issues that are related to faults caused to our network, equipment or billing issues will be resolved within 3 business days. If the issue cannot be resolved within 3 business days we will inform you accordingly. Some issues by nature, especially if they are affected by technical factors or delays that are out of our control, will possibly require more time to be resolve in comparison to other issues. In these rare occasions and if we are not able to resolve the issue within 15 business days, we will also inform you accordingly.

The right to escalate the complaint regarding services to the OCECPR

We would like to stress that both parties that maintain an agreement for the provision of telecommunication services are obliged to proceed with every possible effort to resolve any complaints that may arise. After the exhaustion of all available procedures regarding the resolution of a claim or complaint, the subscriber may refer the dispute to the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation (OCECPR) in order for the dispute to be resolved in accordance with Law No.112(I)/2004.

If you have followed the aforementioned procedure and the final resolution of the issue or the reply did not satisfy you, you may refer the issue to the OCECPR. You can contact the OCECPR through:

The right to escalate the complaint regarding purchased equipment (Decoder/CI+) to the European Commission for dispute resolution

If you are not satisfied with the final resolution of the issue or the reply you have received regarding the complaint did not satisfy you, you may use the platform found at the link to submit a complaint and have the issue resolved via an independent dispute resolution body. We kindly ask you to use as the trader’s email address while filling-out the form.

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