Payment Methods

Automatic Payment
Direct Debit Order: Complete the necessary form at any Cablenet Store.

Credit Card
Payment through the new portal for Cablenet subscribers,, upon activation of your personal account.
Payment through the, for instant settlement of your account. (No access code is required).
Payment through the website in the ‘Telephone and TV providers’ section.
Payment with a credit card can be made at any Cablenet Store.

Cablenet Stores
For more information please click here.

Sales Network
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Selected Resellers
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For detailed instructions, regarding online payment methods, you can watch the following How-To video:

Payments at Cablenet stores or at our selected resellers will incur an additional charge of €1,50.
Payments through banks and through JCC Smart can take up to 5 business days for processing. Your bill is considered paid once the transaction amount is transferred to Cablenet’s bank account.

Delayed Payments:
Τo avoid any inconvenience with your service, we recommend that you settle your balance on time. Failure to settle your account on time will result in termination of service. Please note that there is a charge for reconnecting the service (€5.00).