Company Structure

Share Capital
Authorised: The authorised share capital of the Company is four million shares (4,000,000) at one euro and seventy one cents each (€1.71), amounting to six million eight hundred and  forty thousands euro (€6,840,000)

Issued and Fully Paid: The issued and fully paid share capital is three million three hundred sixty two thousands five hundred and seventy shares (3,362,570 @ €1.71) amounting to five million seven hundred forty nine thousands nine hundred and ninety five euro (€5,749,995).


GO p.l.c. 62.2%
Nicolas Shiacolas 37.8%
Iosif Iosifakis 1 share
Menelaos Shiacolas 1 share
Kyriakos Kyriakides 1 share
Cablenet Global Ltd 1 share
GO Ventures Ltd 1 share

Listed Securities
The Company does not have any listed shares.

Registered Office
Company Registration Number: 137520
Registered Office: 41-49 Agiou Nicolaou Street, Block A, Nimeli Court, 2nd Floor, 2408 Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus

Parent Company
GO p.l.c. – C 22334 based in Malta